Upset Recovery Training


Since 1981, Flight Research Test Pilot Instructors have been teaching Upset Recovery Training in jets, pistons, turboprops and helicopters. Designed to take pilots to an advanced stage of learning by incorporating academics from our flight test syllabus, Flight Research URRT teaches about aircraft certification testing, limitations and how these relate to aircraft capability and performance in the air. Pilots learn lifesaving recovery techniques IN FLIGHT and AT ALTITUDE, preparing pilots for in-flight situations where the majority of aircraft accidents and fatalities occur due to pilot recognition failure and/or improper recovery procedures.


Loss of control in flight is the number one cause of accidents worldwide. This is acknowledged by the NTSB, FAA, ICAO, EASA and other regulatory agencies throughout the globe. Pilots of high performance aircraft are not receiving the training required to correct a loss of control.  This issue is a lack of training, not ability. Most pilots experiencing accidents could have handled those situations if they had the proper training.

That is where the Flight Research, Inc URRT program helps save lives. Our URRT course is designed to teach pilots how to effectively recognize departure from controlled flight, upset scenarios, as well as the methods to properly and safely recover from these conditions. 



Flight Research, Inc. utilizes aircraft which emulate the aircraft our customers fly. 


You wouldn’t use a sports car to learn to drive an 18-wheeler.  Then don’t use a competition aerobatic airplane to learn upset recovery. 

The Flight Research URRT aircraft have been carefully selected, certified, and maintained for this training. The North American Sabreliner is a business jet with military pedigree and outstanding stall characteristics allowing pilots to maneuver an airplane very similar to their home aircraft while learning to recognize and recover from upsets. The Aermacchi Impala is a heavier, fully aerobatic training jet with handling qualities similar to transport jets. As the military says, “Train like you fly, fly like you train!”

Flight Research URRT meets all FAA, EASA, and ICAO UPRT compliance standards. Catering to any professional pilot’s training needs, Flight Research training is customizable and versatile. It is a necessary part of any safety and training program as the most robust and comprehensive upset prevention training in the world.

Pilots learn how to handle over 30 upset scenarios, including:

  • Extreme nose high upsets
  • Extreme nose low upsets
  • Bank angles upsets from 70 to 180 degrees
  • Upright spin recovery
  • Inverted spin recovery if requested
  • Neutral, pro, and anti-aileron inputs
  • Stall recovery for several configurations and types

Post-flight mission debriefs include a review of in-flight video footage. Instructors focus on the importance of immediate and correct identification of the situation as well as recovery.

Pilots take home:

  • In-flight video footage from their training
  • Certificate of completion for insurance premium discounts
  • New or renewed confidence in all attitude flight situations