Rotary Wing URRT

Live Online Modules


Understanding the fundamentals of how helicopters are designed and their limits are determined is paramount to being able to confidently maneuver your aircraft in the dynamic upset environment.  FRI’s long history in flight testing will give you a unique and valuable perspective on how helicopters fly from a practical, operationally representative perspective. 

Available at 9P/12E on the following days: 05 MAY 2020

Propulsion systems and how pilots manage them have direct effects on upsets and recoveries.  This module covers how turbine powerplants act in dynamic environments and how to properly operate them in a safe and effective manner.  This is followed by a discussion of helicopter stability from a practical point of view.  A flight test background will illustrate how helicopters are designed and built to be stable and how to utilize this natural stability to your advantage. 

Available at 9P/12E on the following days: 12 MAY 2020

This is the most advanced and practical brief you will received on the dynamic maneuvering of a helicopter.  The specific techniques are centered on how to move a helicopter that has been upset through the sky effectively and safely back to a normal flight condition.  These are the tools you need to apply, hands on, in the airplane to recover from upsets.

Available at 9P/12E on the following days: 17 MAY 2020

What causes upsets? What are the drivers? How we can deal with and mitigate these factors? This module covers all of these topics to include the human elements of physiology, psychology, physical, psychosocial, environmental and mechanical factors.

Available at 9P/12E on the following days: 19 MAY 2020

Accidents happen.  We will take a deep dive into several accidents, some you have heard of and many more you haven’t, from the perspective of what can be learned.  You will see where application of accepted techniques would have resulted in a different outcome in all of these cases.  This live class will draw from our large library of accident cases and look at those that are most applicable to the students in attendance.  This is customization on accident case study instruction.

Available at 9P/12E on the following days: 24 MAY 2020