High Performance (HiPer) URRT

Live Online Training


The high altitude and transonic environments, or HiPer environment, can be very different than the normal flight regimes we fly in with lower performance aircraft.  This advanced module describes the differences experienced in the HiPer environment as compared to normal lower performance flight regimes.  As with our standard URRT courses, the HiPer courses will take you through the design and test methodology of these aircraft from an operationally relevant perspective.  No other institution has the ability to teach these advanced topics from such a unique perspective.

Available at 9P/12E on the following days: 05 MAY 2020

Once you learn about the workings of aircraft in the HiPer environment, you must then learn how to apply this knowledge.  The HiPer Dynamic Maneuvering Toolbox does just that.  You will learn the specifics of how aircraft handling differs in the HiPer environment and more importantly – what to do about it!

Available at 9P/12E on the following days: 12 MAY 2020