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Crew and Self Risk Management


The debrief is where the learning happens.  FRI has been practicing this concept as a matter of course since our inception in 1981.  The military has also practiced structured debriefing for decades.  Recently, major airlines have adopted debriefing practices as well.  We have been asked by many of you to provide instruction on the proper methods and techniques to conduct effective debriefs. Now is your chance to learn this true art from the experts – the Art of the Debrief.

Available at 9P/12E on the following days: 08 MAY 2020

Two-hour live training session: Traditional CRM and the more recent TEM concepts are essential to any organization’s safety culture. This course will help to foster a culture where authority may be respectfully questioned. It recognizes that a discrepancy between what is happening and what should be happening is often the first indicator that an error is occurring. TEM training begins with the perspective that pilots will naturally make mistakes and encounter risky situations during flight operations. TEM focuses primarily on teaching pilots to manage threats and errors so they do not compromise safety. TEM training seeks to maintain safety margins practically by training aircrew to recognize and respond to events that become threats as well as likely errors.  Lastly, TEM training incorporates strategies from CRM to teach aircrew to manage threats and errors as a teamAvailable at 9P/12E on the following days:

25 MAY 2020 FULL

12 JUNE 2020