Professional Turboprop URRT Course

This two-day course is the ideal refresher for annual customers or customers who have recently completed other upset training.

Classroom work is streamlined to allow extra focus on perishable skills. Air work occurs in both a King Air and Norman NDN 1-T Firecracker. You'll also participate in pre- and post-flight reviews and summaries.

Following the completion of any other URRT Course, pilots should take this Professional Course every two years to ensure top-of-mind awareness of upset recognition and skill retention of proper in-flight recovery techniques.


  • Introduction
  • Aerodynamics and Limitations
  • Longitudinal Static Stability
  • Energy Management & Lift Vector Control
  • Basic Maneuver Toolbox
  • Techniques for Specific Upsets (5)
  • Physiology
  • Mechanical and Environmental
  • Case studies
  • Certification


  • King Air
    • Heavy Aircraft URRT
  • Norman NDN 1-T Firecracker