Professional Jet URRT – Two Day Course

This two-day course is ideal refresher-training for annual customers.

Classroom work is streamlined to allow extra focus on perishable skills. Air work occurs in both the Sabreliner and the MB-326 Impala. Pre- and post-flight reviews and summaries are a collaborative effort to maximize student learning.

Following a student's completion of any other upset training, we recommend this two-day course be taken every one to two years to ensure top-of-mind awareness of upset recognition and skill retention of proper in-flight recovery techniques.

Academics and Flight Objectives


  • Introduction
  • Aerodynamics and Limitations
  • Longitudinal Static Stability
  • Energy Management & Lift Vector Control
  • Basic Maneuver Toolbox
  • Techniques for Specific Upsets (5)
  • Physiology
  • Mechanical and Environmental
  • Case studies
  • Certification


  • North American Sabreliner
    • Heavy Aircraft URRT
  • Aermacchi MB 326 Impala
    • URRT Principals Flight