Core Competencies



Mojave Air and Space Port

The Mojave Air and Space Port and industrial park is home to more than 60 companies engaged in flight development, highly advanced aerospace design, flight test and research, the wind industry and heavy rail industrial manufacturing. 

It uses FAA Identifier KMHV, and is located at 2,801 feet above sea level. There are three runways of 12,500 feet, 7,000 feet and 4,000 feet in length.

It is the first facility to be licensed in the United States for horizontal launches of reusable spacecraft, being certified as a spaceport by the Federal Aviation Administration in 2004. The development and launch of the experimental SpaceShipOne was arguably the biggest ‘first’ in the history of the Mojave Air and Space Port.

Large Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Lockheed and Airbus aircraft owned by major airlines are stored at Mojave. Some aircraft reach the end of their useful lifetime and are scrapped at the Mojave aircraft bone yard, while others are refurbished and returned to active service.


At Flight Research, we know from experience what is needed in a classroom to conduct effective training and learning. These include classrooms with the latest instructional technology, avionics and instrumentation labs, mission control center, specialized training equipment and a library. Professional Course classrooms include wireless hotspot access, PC-based projection systems and a flight survival equipment room with showers.

Weapons Storage

Flight Research holds several Alcohol Tobacco and Firearm (ATF) licenses to assist in weapon storage, testing and importing, exporting and sale of explosives. The unique facilities at Mojave Air and Space Port allow for multiple bunkers of explosive storage. The Fight Research Facility is also ITAR Certified.

Manufacturing, Maintenance, and Modifications

Flight Research is fully equipped to help with the FAA aircraft certification, maintenance and modification requirements. We have experience in full aircraft Type Certificates as well as with STCs for avionics and flight control systems. Our staff of DER test pilots, flight test analysts and systems experts can assist you in flight test validation as well as in shepherding your project through the complex FAA aircraft certification process.

Aircraft Storage

Flight Research Headquarters and facilities are located at Mojave Air and Space Port in Mojave, CA. Onsite, there are seven large hangars ranging from standard size to more than 90 feet tall and capable of handling aircraft, rockets, engines and weapons. Several of the storage hangars are climate-controlled and can handle aircraft with a wide range of dimensions.

Aircraft Leasing

Flight Research is one of the few flight test facilities that independently owns and operates a fleet of 40 aircraft available for flight test, pilot training, and leasing: 

  • North American Sabreliner
  • Northrop T-38A Talon
  • L-39 Albatros
  • Aermacchi MB-326 Impala
  • Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21
  • Swearingen SA-226 Merlin III
  • King Air C90
  • Gippsland AirVan GA-8
  • Beechcraft BE-76 Duchess
  • Diamond DA-42 Twinstar
  • Cirrus G1000 SR22
  • Hughes 500
  • DeHavilland Chipmunk
  • Cessna C-182 G1000 Skylane
  • Messerschmitt-Bolkow Blohm Bo105
  • OH-58C Kiowa
  • Bell 212
  • Airbus EC-145
  • Agusta 109
  • King Air 200
  • Norman NDN-1T Firecracker
  • Slingsby T-67 Firefly
  • PA-34 Seneca

Flight Test and Flight Test Support

Flight Research is fully equipped to conduct flight test from beginning to end for full airframes, components, UAS indoor, UAS outdoor, weapons and certification.

Flight test support services include:

  • Avionics and Component Testing
  • UAS Testing
  • UAS Test Hosting
  • UAS Test Support 
  • Custom Testing
  • Flight Test
  • Flight Test Support
  • Flight Test Hosting
  • Flight Test Support Aircraft
  • Weapons Testing

Flight Test Support Aircraft

Regardless of what it may entail, your project is our priority. We can design a program that will efficiently and economically meet your specific flight test needs and goals. We view every flight test program as a team effort between both your team and ours. Our highly-qualified staff of flight test engineers, test pilots, test pilot instructors, A&Ps, A&P IAs, and maintenance technicians understand the concept of meeting your needs through a team effort and we’re prepared to work closely with you to accomplish each mission.

Each of our test pilots and flight test engineers have extensive experience in his or her respective field – and many are members of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots and Test Engineers. Click here to review to their biographies on our web page.

Flight Test Hosting

Flight Research and the surrounding airspace is fully equipped to help with Flight Testing to meet FAA certification requirements. The facility utilizes special use airspace for testing. We provide furnished offices for your own engineers and certification teams as well as over seven aircraft hangars for operations, research and modifications.

Weapons Testing

Flight Research aircraft provide excellent platforms for captive carriage and release of weapons and sensor testing. We have a wide variety of pods and pylons.  

If what we have on-hand doesn't fit your needs, we have full machine shop capabilities to manufacture a system that will.

We also have experience in weapons testing and certification on aircraft ranging from helicopters to our supersonic Saab SK-35XD Draken fighters. We have tested systems ranging from machine guns and cannons to smart bombs and towed electronics packages. If your system needs to be flight-tested, please contact us and allow us to begin developing a competitive bid package.