Aircraft Operations Support, Leasing and Storage

Flight Research, Inc. is comprised of 11 buildings on Mojave Air and Space Port. Located in Hangar 161, the Flight Research, Inc. headquarters houses classrooms, the Mission Control Center, student areas and administrative offices. Immediately west of Hangar 161 are Hangar 76 and Building 64, the Main Helicopter Hangar and the Maintenance Office Building.

Flight Research, Inc. has four additional hangars: 98, 99, 200 and 201. These are located immediately southeast of building 161 and used for maintenance and storage of aircraft. Our rocket hangar is more than 90 feet tall. 

Flight Research, Inc. owns and operates over 924,000 square feet of facilities located at the Mojave Air & Space Port (KMHV) in Mojave, California, complete with hangar and ramp space, customer operations offices, and indoor-outdoor storage solutions. 

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