Introductory Courses

Flight Research, Inc. is launching a free live online training session for our customers who are unable to travel to train with us during the recent travel restrictions. This class will start our customers down the path of Upset Recovery Training while waiting for their courses to be rescheduled by their training directors.

If you would like to take advantage of this online training, but are not an existing customer, Flight Research is also opening participation to all pilots for free during these weeks of "shelter in place" directives throughout the world.

Pilots will learn the basics of URRT from Dr. Scott T. Glaser in this two-hour overview session. Pilots will have the ability to interact throughout the live course and ask questions relative to their own operations. 

This course is the introductory material utilized in our world renowned 8+hr ground school for Upset Recognition and Recovery Training at Flight Research Headquarters at the Mojave Air and Space Port in Southern California. The information provided is unique to Flight Research Inc. as it was developed with the resources in our several Test Pilot Training syllabi to give pilots an all-encompassing view of their aircraft's capabilities and tested parameters. 

The course results include an increased confidence and competence in aircraft operations and a better understanding of how and why Loss of Control-In Flight is the number one cause of fatalities in aviation.



This is a 1 hour introductory course that covers the effectiveness of URRT and longevity of training to include recommendations on recurrent training intervals and content.  Introductory discussions on recurrent topes including Aerodynamics & Limitations, Propulsion & Stability, Dynamic Maneuvering Toolbox, Causal Factors and Recent Case Studies. 

Available at 9P/12E on the following days: Coming soon