High Performance URRT Course

Several basic Upset Recognition and Recovery Training (URRT) topics are magnified by high speed and high altitude, which is what we call the high performance or HiPer regime. While basic URRT will save the aircraft and crew in most cases, there are examples where operating in the HiPer regime has exacerbated upsets and made recoveries more difficult. Proper recovery technique is absolutely critical. History has provided several examples of inadequately trained pilots without these critical skills encountering upsets in the HiPer arena resulting in devastating outcomes. The Flight Research HiPer URRT provides pilots with critical, specialized skills required to recover safely from potentially catastrophic upset situations. Flight Research training is based on real world upset events.

Academics ~5hrs:

  • T-38 Performance
  • High Altitude Maneuvering
  • High Altitude Stall Recovery
  • High Mach Effects
  • Transonic Effects
  • Coffin Corner

Flight Elements ~4hrs:

  • Pre-and-Post Flight Brief
  • Supersonic Effects
  • Transonic Effects
  • High Speed Pitch Effects
  • Dive Recovery
  • High Altitude Stall Recovery