Fundamental Turboprop URRT Course

This course is ideal for pilots who are already comfortable with all-attitude flying and prefer to focus primarily on in-flight upset recognition and recovery techniques.

Classroom work includes advanced aerodynamics related to aircraft loss of control including high altitude and high speed topics, use of the full flight envelope and best practices for recovery.

Air work is conducted in both the Beechcraft King Air and the Norman NDN-1T Firecracker and includes a more comprehensive set of maneuvers, additional practice on basic recovery maneuvers, and scenario-driven flight examples. Students complete two King Air flights and one Firecracker flight providing in depth instruction on advanced handling and recovery techniques.


  • Introduction
  • Aerodynamics and Limitations
  • Longitudinal Static Stability
  • Energy Management & Lift Vector Control
  • Basic Maneuver Toolbox
  • Techniques for Specific Upsets
  • Physiology
  • Mechanical and Environmental
  • Case studies
  • Certification


  • King Air
    • Heavy Aircraft URRT
  • NDN-1T Firecracker
    • Advanced Handling Flight
    • Advanced Upset Flight