UAS Flight Test

Flight Research has an operational UAS surrogate platform with vast accest to training and testing areas including access to a more than one million square foot aircraft boneyard proving ground. 

UAS Testing and Training Services include:

  • Access to unlimited airspace
  • Indoor UAS Flight Testing Hangar up to 100ft
  • Outdoor UAS Flight Testing
  • Fully operational UAS surrogate platform
  • Multiple hangars for equipment installation
  • Collaboration office space and cubicles for several staff
  • A fully-equipped control room
  • UAS Surrogacy
  • Develop and testing payload packages
  • Integrate programmable telemetry systems
  • Test systems in a manned UAS surrogate
  • Testing final phase of flight and formation ops under autonomous control
  • Sensor, system and control law checks
  • On-location UAS support also available