Aircraft Flight Test

Regardless of what it may entail, your project is our priority. We can design a program that will efficiently and economically meet your specific flight test needs and goals. We view every flight test program as a team effort between both your team and ours. Our highly-qualified staff of flight test engineers, test pilots, test pilot instructors, A&Ps, A&P IAs, and maintenance technicians understand the concept of meeting your needs through a team effort and we’re prepared to work closely with you to accomplish each mission.

Each of our test pilots and flight test engineers have extensive experience in his or her respective field – and many are members of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots and Test Engineers. Click here to review their biographies.

Flight Test & Flight Test Support

Specific Benefits of Testing at Flight Research Headquarters

  • Mojave Air and Space Port benefits
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Timely execution
  • Access to special use airspace for flight test
  • Access to supersonic corridors
  • Multiple hangars for equipment installation
  • Collaboration office space and cubicles for several staff
  • A fully-equipped control room
  • Mojave, CA continually provides ideal flight test weather

Flight Test Support Services         

  • Acceptance test
  • Avionics and Component Testing
  • Parabolic Flight Testing
  • Custom Testing
  • Full Flight Test
  • Flight Test Support
  • Flight Test Hosting
  • Flight Test Support Aircraft
  • Weapons Testing
  • Conceptual design
  • Calibrated Chase
  • Aerodynamic analysis and design
  • Structural analysis and design
  • Tooling
  • Fabrication
  • Structural testing
  • Ground test procedure development
  • Data reduction and analysis
  • Flight test cards and flight reports
  • Primary and supplemental flight test pilots and engineers
  • Avionics anomaly testing
  • Comprehensive data acquisition using control room and telemetry
  • Handling qualities and performance design input
  • Aircraft Performance Testing
  • Aircraft Stability and Control Testing
  • Aircraft Avionics and Systems Testing
  • Flight Testing aircraft modifications
  • Evaluating aircraft flight control laws and handling qualities

Flight Test Hosting

Flight Research and the surrounding airspace is fully equipped to help with Flight Testing to meet FAA certification requirements. The facility utilizes special use airspace for testing. We provide furnished offices for your own engineers and certification teams as well as over seven aircraft hangars for operations, research and modifications.