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With a 924,000 sq ft facility, Flight Research is the largest of its kind

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"All airline guys and corporate pilots have the attitude “Don’t spill the boss’s drink or upset the flight attendant, but If you need to then you have to. You can’t beat this kind of training; you just cannot do it in a simulator. You cannot simulate a high G load, getting the inverted feeling and simulate the queasiness. It just cannot be done. It can happen on any flight; getting into an upset condition. This training gives you great confidence. Do it if you need to. Absolutely feel that I’m better qualified and know that if something happened I would be able to get out of that situation.”

Chris Buckland, Geico


"I personally view this training to be invaluable. If you take your Citation desk model right now, hold it in a 10-degree nose low descent, and then roll it 180 degrees, you will be in an inverted upset situation that is not far-fetched. Picture yourself in the cockpit, seeing nothing but ground. The training teaches you how to address that and make the first move the correct move."

-Charlie Precourt, CJP Safety Committee, former Air Force F-15 test pilot / instructor and a four time NASA space shuttle astronaut


"I come away knowing I’m a better pilot. That is phenomenal.

The highlight of the academic portion is the understanding of where the Flight Envelope is from a certification standpoint and understanding how planes are given their maneuvering speeds, design speeds and stall speeds, where the engineers are coming from, where the FAA are coming from and taking that and seeing where they want us to fly. Your initial reaction may not be the right reaction and there may be a better solution to come out of an upset condition. I now know that I can handle these upsets at a very high level. I feel like a much more proficient pilot. I recommend this training for all pilots from a small aircraft to 747 pilots. Fantastic course!"

Lt. Commander David Cowan, NOAA Hurricane Hunter


"I had in my mind, before I began training, what it would be like to train here. Flight Research far exceeded my expectations. The overall experience was that you can never compare what happens in the aircraft to any simulated training. Definitely eye opening!"

Michael Delay, Chief Pilot – Level 3 Communications


"In the 20 years I have been flying I’ve participated in and received quite a bit of training, both in planes and in simulators. The URRT experience at Flight Research without question ranks among the best in every facet, and certainly the most exciting.

The takeaway for me is the direct benefit of this training for safety in the way we fly, single pilot. No amount of simulator training can replicate the stress and confusion caused by encountering higher G loads and the other sensations that come from unusual attitudes. Doing this in my own plane and in a jet with control forces similar to my own plane, as opposed to a light acrobatic plane, really reinforced the feel and recovery methods that FRI is imparting on us. I will go back for more. I urge all of you to consider this type of training."

- Captain Thomas Abood, Citation Jet Pilot Association


“Without question, Flight Research is the premier aviation training facility I have had the privilege of attending; from top to bottom, their staff's experience in all facets of the aeronautical and aerospace industries give Flight Research the best team to educate and demonstrate maneuvers which push the flight envelope. From the moment I stepped in the door, I was overwhelmed with the state-of-the-art facilities and first-class operation based at the Mojave Air and Space Port. Upon meeting the staff, I was left with no doubt that they are passionate about what they do and provide every resource available to instill critical areas of knowledge to each student. For the three days I attended, each minute was spent talking, breathing and living airplanes; I have never learned so much in such a short period of time.”

- Steve Hinton, a six-time National Championship Air Races winner



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