Turbo Prop URRT

The Industry’s Best Upset Training Solution

Upset Recognition and Recovery Training for turboprop operations.

Improve your flight skills with in-aircraft training to recover from loss of control in flight – the number one cause of fatal accidents.

Learn recovery techniques to lower the risk of total hull loss, and most importantly, save lives.

Commercial jets and turbo-props have unusual attitude response characteristics that cannot be replicated in simulators. Safe recovery from an in-flight loss of control requires specialized training in an aircraft which performs similarly to most corporate aircrafts.

Flight Research URRT meets all FAA, EASA, and ICAO UPRT compliance standards. Catering to any professional pilot’s training needs, Flight Research training is customizable and versatile. It is a necessary part of any safety and training program as the most robust and comprehensive upset prevention training in the world.


The Flight Research initial four-day Turboprop URRT course is ideal for pilots undertaking their first upset recognition and recovery training.
This course is ideal for pilots who are already comfortable with all-attitude flying and prefer to focus primarily on in-flight upset recognition and recovery techniques.
Our two-day course is the ideal refresher for repeat customers.