Flight Research announces its newest training program "The Flight Attendant/Crew URRT Program" or (FA URRT)

Flight Attendant-Flight Technician URRT Training Course 5

MOJAVE, Calif., May 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Bill Korner, Chairman and CEO of Flight Research states that "'Loss of Control In-Flight' is the leading cause of aviation accidents today." It is important for every flight department from the major airlines to your corporate flight department to recognize that the entire crew should be well prepared for any situation that would arise. In order to be the best Flight Attendant and Crew it is necessary to be able to recognize and recover from both upsets and aftermath of these events. Flight attendants are the first responders in an in-flight emergency. The majority of incidents and accidents are due to upset or unusual attitude while in flight. While a trained pilot can successfully recover an aircraft within minutes or seconds, flight attendants will need to quickly and effectively respond to passengers who may have been injured or become ill during the incident and recovery process.

"Flight attendants are the first responders in an in-flight emergency. The majority of incidents and accidents are due to upset or unusual attitude while in flight.

The Flight Attendant training program at Flight Research is the only training program in the world to offer hands on, real flight upset training for flight attendants and flight technicians. Crew members will actually feel what happens during these potential scenarios, lessening the startle effect and increasing knowledge and confidence. This type of training is invaluable to your company and the passengers that it serves, increasing the safety of the flight department. Flight Research supports total crew integration by offering training to every member of the flight crew.

Benefits of the FA URRT Program:

  •  Reduces startle effect allowing faster recovery and safety of passengers
  •  Brings a "reality" to situations that can happen in flight
  •  Develops confidence that increases well-being of passengers
  •  Awareness of physiological changes and how to counter those changes
  •  Increases knowledge of aircraft capabilities
  •  Increase knowledge of aviation terminology
  •  Supplies information for developing SOP's
  •  Supplies information for Safety Management Systems

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Located in legendary Mojave, Calif., Flight Research Inc. has been providing upset recognition and recovery training in jet and turboprop aircraft since 1981. Customers include general and business aviation pilots and crews, as well as commercial airlines and freight carriers. Flight Research uses MB-326 Impalas and Rockwell Sabreliner 60s as primary training aircraft for both its two- and three-day courses. The Impala's recovery performance closely parallels those of the world's most popular business jets, and the Sabreliner shares size and aerodynamic characteristics with business jets, as well as the world's primary airline population. In addition, Flight Research's testing division provides high-performance flight platforms and comprehensive testing and development facilities for manufacturers of aircraft, avionics and weapons systems. The company's support division provides aircraft, personnel and facilities to assist customers in maintaining the highest levels of mission readiness in their aviation operations worldwide. For more information, visit; Instagram@flightresearch; twitter@FlightResearch; Facebook@flightresearch
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