In January 2014, Flying Magazine’s Senior Editor, Pia Bergqvist went through our Two-Day Upset Recognition & Recovery Training.  Flight Research is the industry's gold standard for Advanced Maneuver Upset Recognition & Recovery Training using business and jet trainer aircraft that parallels the feel and response of corporate air fleets and airliners.   Watch Flying Magazine Senior Editor Pia Bergqvist Undergo Jet Upset Recognition & Recovery Training  with us.  We enjoyed having Pia experience firsthand what our student pilots undergo when training on how to avoid and recover from unusual attitudes and look forward to being featured in future issues of Flying Magazine.

Be sure to grab a copy of Flying Magazine's April 2014 Issue and look for the Article "Getting Upset In A Bizjet" featuring Flight Research!

To read the article, click the article link below.  To Watch Pia Bergqvist fly our aircraft, choose from the Impala and Sabreliner video links below. 

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Flight Research leads the industry in professional upset recognition & recovery training, as well as testing and certification for airframes, aircraft modifications, avionics and weapons systems. Call us today at 661-824-4136 and let's discuss your training or testing needs.