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    Flight Research is fully equipped to help with the FAA certification process. We have experience in full aircraft Type Certificates, as well as with STCs for avionics and flight control systems. Our staff of DER test pilots, flight test analysts, and systems experts can assist you in flight test validation, as well as in shepherding your project through the complex FAA aircraft certification process.

    Contact us and find out how we can help your project come to fruition faster and more efficiently.

    Flight Research is the leading provider of:

    Flight Testing Your Project
    Regardless of what it may entail, your project is our priority. We can design a program that will efficiently and economically meet your specific flight test needs and goals. Contact us, tell us to discuss your individual requirements, and we’ll find a way to accomplish them – whether it’s a single, specialized flight, or an entire series of flights to validate your product.

    We view every flight test program as a team effort between both your team and ours. Our highly qualified staff of flight test engineers, pilots and maintenance technicians understand the concept of meeting your needs through a team effort, and we’re prepared to work closely with you to accomplish each mission.

    Each of our pilots and flight test engineers have extensive experience in his or her respective field – and many are members of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots and Test Engineers. Click here to jump to their biographies on the our web page.


    Weapons Test and Certification
    Flight Research’s aircraft provide excellent platforms for captive carriage and release of weapons and sensors. We have a wide variety of pods and pylons, and if what we have on hand doesn’t fit your needs, we have full machine shop capabilities to manufacture a system that will.

    We also have experience in weapons testing and certification on aircraft ranging from helicopters to our supersonic Saab SK-35XD Draken fighters. We have tested systems ranging from machine guns and cannon to smart bombs and towed electronics packages. If your system needs to be flight-tested, please contact us and allow us to begin developing a competitive bid package.


    Avionics Upgrades
    Flight Research can help with your avionics system upgrades. Whether it is a standard glass panel upgrade, certification of an entire suite for RVSM, or the installation of FLIR and night vision equipment, we have the talent and capabilities to assist. Our engineering staff can provide the appropriate FAA-approved documentation, and our staff can assist with the installation and subsequent flight test.

    Aircraft and System Certification
    Flight Research can help you with the certification process. Whether it’s a type certificate for an entire aircraft, or an STC for a system or modification, we are equipped to assist. We have experience in full aircraft Type Certificates, avionics STCs, and flight control STCs
    as well.

    Our staff of DER test pilots, flight test analysts, and systems experts can assist you in flight test validation as well as shepherding your project through the complex FAA certification process. Contact us and find out how we can help your project come to fruition faster and more efficiently.


    RVSM Certification
    If you are looking to take advantage of newly reduced vertical separation distances by certifying your avionics suite, we can help – on everything from corporate jets to DC-8s.

    RVSM certification requires flight testing of your aircraft and avionics, and we specialize in this type of work. We have a Barfield tester which enables us to perform all the ground calibrations required prior to flight test – which is then performed using our own specially designed and built trailing cone flight test equipment. We have experience certifying aircraft ranging from corporate jets to Douglas DC-8s.

    RVSM flight testing can be done at our facilities in Mojave, California or at the customer’s facilities anywhere in the world. In Mojave, modification of the aircraft is often made easier because of immediate access to all equipment, tools and parts required to install the trailing cone on the aircraft. Calibration of the cone in Mojave is done using the “tower-fly-by” method.

    If the flight test is performed at the customer’s facility, we ship all the necessary equipment to the facility and perform modification of the aircraft on site. Arrangements can be made to have the aircraft weighed on location, and in the absence of a calibrated tower, the trailing cone is calibrated using a portable ground pressure transducer.

    • Trailing Cone Fabrication
    • Aircraft Modification
    • Aircraft Conformity Inspection
    • Weight and Balance® Ground Calibrations
    • Full RVSM Flight Envelope Flight Test

    The average turn-around time for this type of certification flight testing is three days, with the following milestone schedule:
    Day 1:

    • Modify the aircraft and install the trailing cone
    • Conformity inspection
    • Place the aircraft in "Experimental" category

    Day 2:

    • Calibrate the cone
    • Perform flight test for full envelope RVSM certification

    Day 3:

    • De-modify the aircraft, removing the test equipment
    • Return the aircraft to "Normal" category


    Flight Research leads the industry in professional upset recognition & recovery training, as well as testing and certification for airframes, aircraft modifications, avionics and weapons systems. Call us today at 661-824-4136 and let's discuss your training or testing needs.