MOJAVE, Calif., Aug. 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Flight Research, Inc. (FRI), the Nation's leading provider of Upset Recognition & Recovery Training, is proud to offer a revolutionary advanced Upset Recognition and Recovery Training (URRT) Course – High Performance URRT or HiPer URRT.                                                                                                                          


Modern commercial jet aircraft operate at very high altitudes and very high speeds.  Upsets in such flight conditions are magnified intensely and hence very specific piloting skills are required to safely recover. Pilots who have already completed the training in FRI's core URRT courses can add to their skill level as HiPer URRT specialized training teaches the actions necessary to safely recover from upsets in high dynamic environments.  

Pilots will experience an intensive 1+ day training program that includes academics which build on FRI's world renown and industry leading jet URRT program.  Training is culminated by a dynamic flight in a Northrop F-5 where students experience the effects of high altitude and high speed common to all high performance aircraft.  More importantly, pilots learn to effectively maneuver and recover from potential upsets approaching high Mach, transonic effects and related conditions.  There is simply no better advanced training than HiPer URRT.

Since 1981, Flight Research Inc. has been providing upset recognition and recovery training in jet, turboprop and general aviation aircraft. Customers include owner operators, corporate flight department pilots as well as commercial airline pilots. In addition, Flight Research's testing division provides high-performance flight platforms and comprehensive testing and development facilities for manufacturers of aircraft, avionics and weapons systems. The company's support division provides aircraft, personnel and facilities to assist customers in maintaining the highest levels of mission readiness in their aviation operations worldwide.

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