Press Release

Flight research completes
sale to board of directoes

Mojave, CA – Flight Research, Inc. announced today that its Board of Directors has acquired 100% ownership of the Flight Research Companies from previous owners Sean and Nadia Roberts.

 Flight Research is a leading North American aerospace services company offering a variety of complete support services and management to aerospace companies from around the world. Flight Research offers a wide range of test aircraft and expertise in virtually all areas of test flight and maintains a large fleet of instrumented aircraft ranging from single engine reciprocating aircraft to supersonic fighters and helicopters. They offer calibrated pace and chase support aircraft to cover all speed ranges as well as a complete menu of maintenance and avionics services.

Company Chairman and CEO Mr. Bill Korner has extensive experience in the aerospace industry and business leadership. A highly decorated military aviator and retired Air Force Lt. Colonel he has an exceptional track record of broad based accomplishment and expertise in major business platforms as well as a passion for aviation and delivering exceptional quality and value to his clients.

Mr. Korner said, "The Board is very pleased to have acquired ownership of the Flight Research Companies and we look forward to working with the team to continue to build the brand as our customers' preferred choice for aerospace services."


Flight Research leads the industry in professional upset recognition & recovery training, as well as testing and certification for airframes, aircraft modifications, avionics and weapons systems. Call us today at 661-824-4136 and let's discuss your training or testing needs.