Embry-Riddle / AirCon 2016 Event

 It was an honor to participate in this year’s Embry-Riddle/AirCon 2016  Conference in Chandler, Arizona. We are happy to be partnered with such a distinguished group of individuals.  Bill Korner, Chairman & CEO of Flight Research presented “Upset Recovery” during one of the Concurrent Sessions that took place during the event. Bill Korner is an active member of the College of Aviation Industry Advisory Board (IAB).   The board is a vast and diverse group of aviation experts and professionals that represent various areas of the aviation industry with the intention of insuring that the academic degree programs and flight training have the best input necessary to provide to the aviation industry.  During the event Mr. Korner was asked to speak during the conference on “Upset Recovery”.

AirCon 2016 Booth Photo        Presentation 1 








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