Join us for this informative presentation on Upset Recognition and Recovery Training.

Recent accidents, including Asiana Flight 214, highlight the importance of providing proper
in-aircraft training on how to use the entire flight envelope to avoid departure from controlled flight, and to recognize and recover from stalls and unexpected upsets in corporate and transport category aircraft. Simulators, as sophisticated as they are, cannot fully develop these skills. This limitation, in turn, has created a critical gap in current pilot training.

Don’t miss our free March 10th  webinar, scheduled for 1100 pst and conducted by Bill Korner, CEO of Flight Research, Inc. Learn about the increasing importance of - and strategies for - pilot preparation in accident prevention.

No one is better qualified to discuss the role of pilot preparation in accident prevention than Bill Korner - a highly decorated military aviator, retired Air Force Lt. Colonel, and leader of the distinguished Flight Research team. Located in legendary Mojave, California, the company has been providing Upset Recognition & Recovery Training in jet and turboprop aircraft since 1981.

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