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    Training Course for Upset Recovery

    PHONE: 661-824-4136
    Fax: 661-824-3403

    Flight Research, Inc
    1062 Flight Line, Hangar 161
    Mojave CA 93501
    (north-east corner of Mojave Airport)

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    Bill Korner
    Chairman and CEO

    Scott Evans
    Chief Financial Officer

    Kirk S. Tracey
    Chief Legal Counsel

    Christina Y. Johnson

    Kevin O'Brien
    Vice President of Aircraft Services and Avionics

    Scott Glaser
    Vice President of Operations

    Rick Searfoss

    Chief Instructor Pilot

    Bill Oefelien
    Instructor Pilot

    Paddy Kelleher
    Instructor Pilot

    Shannon Weidekamp
    Lead Flight Attendant Instructor

    Mark Scharf

    Doug Dodson

    Mike Young

    James M. Jones
    Director of Aircraft Services

    James Ross
    Quality Control Manager


    For information on upset training courses or to register for an upcoming class contact:

    Barbara R. Cook
    Business Development Coordinator
    Phone:  661-824-4136 x 115