A Message From Our CEO


As you may have heard alarmingly, aircraft loss of control is now the leading cause of pilot and passenger deaths in corporate and general aviation worldwide.

Upon investigation it has been determined that a broken pilot training process is the leading cause of these accidents.  Further it has been found that approximately 65% of pilots and corporate flight departments indeed have inadequate training and in most cases are not aware of it.

This problem has the attention of insurance underwriters, the FAA, NTSB and aviation focused institutions who are now encouraging and in some cases mandating pilots to complete advanced upset recognition and recovery training (URRT) which is designed to teach pilots the skills necessary to safely recover from unexpected upsets in flight. 

Aircraft loss of control occurs when a flight crew fails to control a mechanically and structurally sound aircraft that encounters an inflight condition which causes an unexpected aircraft upset.  Such an event requires immediate and skilled action on the part of the pilot to safely recover the aircraft and prevent a catastrophe. 

It is likely that flight crews will experience such an event in their flying career. In the past ten years there has been almost 7,200 preventable loss of control accidents in the general aviation community resulting in over 3,200 fatalities.

The problem is that an estimated 65% of pilots in the general and corporate aviation world have never received URRT in flight in business jet aircraft and therefore are not equipped to handle an inflight upset condition skillfully.

Flight Research is the Global leader in providing URRT. We are endorsed by the leading insurance underwriters, aviation academic institutions and others for our expertise in this area.  We have safely trained thousands of pilots without incident over the past 40 years.

Many of our customers will not put their executives or families in an aircraft where the crew has not received URRT.

Several insurance companies are now offering a premium bonus to customers completing this training on an alternate year basis with flight simulator training so the effect is a cost benefit in many cases.

We invite you to view the article recently done on this training which appeared in the April issue of Flying Magazine.

Flight Research leads the industry in professional upset recognition & recovery training, as well as testing and certification for airframes, aircraft modifications, avionics and weapons systems. Call us today at 661-824-4136 and let's discuss your training or testing needs.