A Revolutionary
Idea – Advanced Pilot Training in
High-Performance Aircraft


Our highly-experienced instructors teach Loss of Control, Upset Recognition & Recovery, and High Altitude Stall Recovery using a variety of aircraft, such as our fleet of Sabreliner 60s.

The leading cause of fatal accidents that occurred in the commercial jet fleet throughout the world between 1999 & 2008 was due to Loss of Aircraft Control in flight. This resulted in 32 accidents and over 2000 fatalities. The recent Air France 447 and Colgan 3407 are examples of this. Adequately trained pilots can recognize and recover from loss of control incidents and prevent needless loss of life.

The problem is that many pilots have not been trained or properly trained in this area. Many in fact have never been in a high altitude stall or upset condition in a high performance aircraft. This trend is likely to continue because of the increasing demand for new pilots. Many of these newly hired pilots will come from training programs where the focus is ”switchology” and legal requirements (Type Ratings), with no time or aircraft provided for upset training or high altitude stall recognition and recovery techniques. At Flight Research, Inc. we specialize in this specific type of training. We believe (as does the FAA) that such training is critical to aviation safety.

Flight Research leads the industry in professional upset recognition & recovery training, as well as testing and certification for airframes, aircraft modifications, avionics and weapons systems. Call us today at 661-824-4136 and let's discuss your training or testing needs.